A high performance, signal pack, aqueous paint with special pigment with low thermal conductivity and high reflectance , applied by brush , roller or by spray to give a good finish. It gives very tough wear resistant coating and has good U.V. resistance and good heat insulation. Suitable for exterior coatings. These coatings can be roof coating and wall façade paint refrigerated storage trucks and warehouses, oil and gas storage tanks and cryogenic tanks and tankers where there is a need to keep the inside cool.

Film Properties

  • Touch Dry: 35 mins
  • Through dry: 1hr. 15 min
  • Thickness apx 150 microns

Thermal Properties


  • Reflects, Insulates heat radiation When coated on any roof.
  • For example if coated on RCC roof 0f 6” thickness, Temperature difference Below the coated and uncoated area was measured form morning 10 am to 9 pm gives 9℃ temperature difference.
  • Difference of temperature on uncoated and coated area which is exposed to sun light may go up 20℃ .( uncoated being higher )
  • Since coating UV resistance it will lost longer.
  • Coated surface will cool faster then uncoated area.


Area to be applied is be free from dust, oil or other impurities. ( if not paint will peel off ) Sufficient thickness of 125 to 150 Micron thickness has to be applied (Two coats) Since this is not just white paint no coatings should be applied on this. Too much thick coating may lead to cracking.


  • Buildings Remains cool even under intense sunlight.
  • Since Room temperature is cooler then outside ambient temperature, it saves power on humidification and Air conditioners.


  • For green buildings as its application gives required credit points
  • For poultry and live stock sheds for reducing heat stress.
  • For Malls, schools, Hospitals, industrial sheds, residential houses, Villas, Office Buildings, Cold Storage, Buses and all vehicles.

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