E Coat for Residance

Pollution is caused by introduction of chemicals such as NOx, CO2, SO2, CH4,etc in large quantity to our environment. WHO's 2012 report says 7,00,000 people died due to pollution related causes. These gases come from natural sources and human activies causing adverse effects on human and ecosystem. Pollution also creeps into our ofice and homes, and when limit exceeds, it causes adverse effects.

Features of Polyvar E Coat™

  • Organic pollutant decomposition
  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • UV Protection
  • Self Cleaning
  • Super hydrophylic

Benifits of E Coat™

  • Keeps building in new and clean appearance for many years
  • Protects surface from dust, acid rain, and air pollutant damage.
  • Breaksdown air pollutants near and on its surface.
  • Restrains growth of algae and fungus on surface.
  • Fights microbes on the surface and air near the coated surface.
  • Absorbs UV rays from sun and protects the surface
  • Its hydrophylic property allows water to form an even layer on its surface, thereby allowing the dust and sirt accumilated on its surface to be washed away.
  • E Coat greatly help in building maintainance, especially in skyscrapers since they reduce the need for costly surface cleaning.
  • Additionally, physical cleaning, usually using strong detergents or high pressure water jets, can cause damage to building materials. The same materials when treated with photo-catalytic self-cleaning coating can last longer. This naturally leads to lower maintainance costs.

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